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Most of software here requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5+ to run applications.

Half-Life Texture Tools 1.5.5 BETA

Last update: 8.12.2012

Simple Half-Life Data files viewer and editor (for WADs and Sprites). You can also extract images to many formats (png, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff). Drag and Drop files is supported. You can also fix sprite files or create new sprites. This software uses the FreeImage open source image library. See for details.

Download: Project page (source code and binary)
HL WAD3/SPR Parser source code for C#: on github
HL WAD3 parser for PHP (not as same as C# code): WadParserPHP.rar
My WAD/SPR Specification Shortener 1.2

Last update: 13.5.2012

Short long links using this application and Google service. You can short multiple links at once. It's easy and fast!

Download: GoogleUrlShortener12.rar

HashGet 1.0


Calculate and compare MD5 hashes of files. You can export MD5 list to text file. Also you can simply Drag and Drop files into window and executable!

Download: HashGet10.rar

Pure Windows GUI Designer 1.0 (PWGD)


Free simple window designer. Create window without any libraries and unnecessarily resource dialogs! Just C and Windows API ! Look at example code generated with PWGD.
BTW: Don't forget add (xp) manifest file to your application resource files to make your application look better.

Download: WinDesigner10.rar

FComparer & PMaker 1.0


Small Application for comparing files and creating patches.
Issues: Maximum of differences in list is 100000 items.

Download: FComparerPMaker.rar

DreamWorks BLB Extractor 0.1


Thanks to Valery V. Anisimovsky for his breaking BLB format specification (BLB File Spec.).

Download: BLBExtractor.rar

.NET Check 1.2


Small Application for checking your .net framework installed versions on your PC.

Download: dotNET_Check.rar